MicroData SecureCloud and SafeGuard

SecureCloud File Sync automatically syncs corporate data, allowing both on-premises and remote users to share critical files and folders.

  • Business-Grade file sync enabling secure access from any device - PC, Mac, iPad,SecureCloud User with Smartphone Android/iPhone
  • Secure and easy file sharing
  • Backup and restore features preventing data loss
  • File Server Enablement enabling automatic secure sharing of server data
  • 1-button rollback providing simple recovery from Ransomware attacks
  • Active Directory integration. Use the same login you already use at the office
  • SSAE 16 / DOC Certified
  • HIPAA Compliant with BAA available
  • 99.999% reliability!

Fully managed pricing starts at just $20/mo and includes 30GB of storage space per user. Unmanaged pricing from $13.65/mo. Free 30-day trial!

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SecureCloud Backup. An on-premises backup solution is smart, but so is having a second, off-site solution. MicroData’s SecureCloud provides a simple, highly reliable solution for backing up critical data whether on a server or on a key computer. Just install the agent, identify the data to be backed up, and then rest easy as everything else is automatic. Access your SecureCloud backup data anytime from any web browser.

And with pricing starting at just $69/mo with 250GB of compressed storage space, any organization can enjoy set-and-forget secure Cloud backup. Free 30-day trial!

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If you can’t say with certainty that your disaster recovery solution is truly keeping your business safe, you need MicroData’s SafeGuard. With SafeGuard you’ll know you are covered no matter what happens to your business.

MicroData SafeGuard provides both on-premises and off-site recovery options for you business.


  • Continuous Backup. Snapshots of covered servers are taken every 15 minutes
  • 10-Minute Recovery. In the event of a loss of a covered server the MicroData provided on-premises SafeGuard system will mount a virtual copy of the failed server. Users simply go back to work.
  • Bare Metal Recovery. Once you replace your failed server, SafeGuard permits a full restoration onto new hardware - even different makes and configurations.
  • Off-site Safety is Included. As on-site snapshots are taken, copies are replicated to MicroData's data center in Beverly Massachusetts. In the event of a total loss of your facilities, MicroData will restore the last snapshot to new hardware. Simply transport it to your new temporary location, power it up, and a virtual server will appear allowing users to immediately get back to work.

Don’t let one accident put you out of business.

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