MicroData Dark Web Guardian

Dark Web Guardian Monitors and Alerts you to Dark Web CompromisesHacker

92% of businesses tested in 2017 had key employee passwords and/or sensitive Personally Identifiable Information for sale on the Dark Web

Your business may have the latest firewalls, security suites, end-user training, and 24x7 monitoring, but it’s all useless if someone has account information and a password and just logs in.

The Dark Web is the shopping market for cyber criminals that
want to buy compromised data such as:

  • Your users' network and computer login credentials
  • Bank account and credit card numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Patient and customer information
  • Your company's intellectual property
  • And a wide range of other protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
"It's far easier for Cybercriminals to just buy compromised data than to develop and implement an elaborate hack to steal it"

The first step in defending you and your company is detecting that compromised data exists. But you can't take the time - or risk - of searching hundreds of unsafe Dark Web and Tor sites. With MicroData's Dark Web Guardian, you don't have to.

Dark Web Guardian continuously searches hundreds of sites on the Dark Web 24x7 and will send you instant alerts when a compromise is found. And you also get monthly reports which are extremely valuable to demonstrate your company's earnest efforts to safeguard your network and customer data.


MicroData's Dark Web Guardian is just $49/mo for coverage for up to 50 users and $99/mo for coverage of up to 100 users. Both options include an unlimited number of alerts. For more than 100 users, please contact us for a quotation.

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