Future Enable your Business

In 2020 Everything Changed

In a few short weeks in March 2020, the business world was turned upside down. Employees suddenly had to learn about VPN services, web video conferencing, Cloud synchronization, file sharing services, encryption, and 2-Factor Authentication. Plus there was the new experience of working from home on an old computer that had only been lightly used or worse, used by the kids for social media and gaming.

And managers were faced having to implement new infrastructure, Cloud, and technology solutions right now or make due with workarounds that often violated half of the company's security and compliance policies. What a mess.

But it doesn't have to be that way. For MicroData clients, it was just another day in their virtual office. Our Private Cloud, remote connectivity, and Hybrid-Cloud solutions allow employees of small and mid-sized business to work securely and productively from anywhere, anytime.

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