Case Study: Fixing a Failed IT Environment

The customer's business model required deep technology integration, but existing solutions were slow, buggy, and problems never seemed to get fixed.

Business Issue: MicroData was introduced to a multi-site medical practice that was in the midst of trying to implement a critical transition; they had to transition from an environment that was strongly rooted in manual processes and procedures to an digital environment that was required to support strong data security and advanced electronic imaging technologies.

Prior IT providers had put into place a hodge-podge of solutions which didn't interoperate well, left gaps in functionality and security, didn't fully meet the actual needs, and created a high level of user frustration. Day-to-day support costs and user downtime skyrocketed as a result.

Solution: MicroData performed a comprehensive audit of the existing environement and the organization's business needs. Based upon the audit's findings, MicroData crafted a design and plan to solve the issues once and for all. As part of our solution, Medical Coding by MicroData Customerwe replaced a portion of the core legacy environment, reconfigured some parts, and deployed a new critical element that was previously missing.

The MicroData solution included capabilities to permit remote operation from all offices and also provided the framework for planned organizational growth over the next 5 years. Of course, security of data was a prime concern and HIPAA and Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 compliance was a must. MicroData ensured that all elements of the IT environment met security needs, but did so in a way that wasn't an operational burden on users.

"The solutions provided by MicroData have saved us at least $78,000 per year just in lost productivity"

Existing technology was redeployed if usable or replaced as needed. Varying versions of productivity applications were standardized and previsouly unlicensed software was removed and licensing standardized and monitored on an ongoing basis. Email was facilitated using Exchange Server which was integrated into a line-of-business database and also included full support for iPhone, Android, and Window-based smartphones. MicroData also deployed new infrastructure data cabling as required. This fully integrated solution provided everything the practice required to operate securely and reliably. Further, the solutions offered scalability to permit the technology to keep pace with the practice’s growth.

As the final part of the solution, the customer enrolled in MicroData's Complete Care service; our soup-to-nuts fixed-price outsourcing solution.

Change in Situation: “We determined that with our growing practice we wanted to focus on our day-to-day procedures and not have to spend time on computer maintenance,” said Chris, office manager. “We wanted someone who would take that issue from us altogether. We wanted a company that would be able to handle our computer issues and be close by should emergencies arise.

“We have not had any potential threats, and our systems have been running great! We have expanded to additional locations and have increased our network to 38 computers and three servers. The systems are maintained and kept up to date; backups are performed nightly and stored for us. Issues are handled almost immediately. The solutions provided by MicroData have saved us at least $78,000 per year just in lost productivity. And MicroData provides great communication with us on a monthly basis as to what is going on. Their service has allowed us to do what we do best – our medical work with no worries about our IT environment."